Top Technology Gadgets for 2016

People are always trying to go further in their creativity. You will be surprised about the new gadgets which have been developed. Others have been used to achieve great success in making life easier in many ways. If you attend forums such as consumer electronics show, you will discover there are many gadgets which have been developed. Even others you will be surprised to discover you have never heard about them. People face challenges and they go further to tackle them in different ways using gadget invention.

Photo source: Pinterest

1. Parrot Disco

This is a drone which has been made to take off with two wings like a kite. It operates different from common drones. It can pick enough momentum to stay in the air. It can fly up to speeds of 50mph and stay in the air for up to 45 minutes. It has several flying modes and can be fitted with a 1080p camera on the nose. These features make it stand out.

2. Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept

This is a high performance car from a company known as Faraday. It looks like a batmobile but it is fully electric. It can speed up from rest to 60mph in less than 3 seconds. You may never belief but it is real. Although the car is a concept car, many people are waiting to see how the car will look like after hit has been fully launched.

3. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer has been attempting to develop the ultra-book, but finally it has achieved in developing the ultra-book you will admire to have. It is fairly inexpensive and slim. It comes with integrated graphics which make your gaming experience great. You will always enjoy your time after you buy the device. The ultra-book has been developed to have features which will make many gamers buy it.