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You can never have enough likes and followers. This is true of real life, and of course, of Instragram. Each and every new like and follow gives a rush of dopamine, a sense of comfort that we’ve done something right, and a smile on our face. Sure we’re narcissistic, but hey, “when in Rome”, right?… Anyway, no matter what your theme, be it fashion, food, architecture, travel, heck – even surfing – we’ve got for you Los Angeles’ best and most-liked Instagrammers to share their tips and tricks with you on how to get a real following and go where everyone wants to go – viral. But why Los Angeles? Why ask LA’s top Instragrammers and not New York’s, San Francisco’s, or even Paris’? Because when it comes to the most popular categories: fashion, food, architecture, travel, interior design, and surfing – LA’s got the best of all that in spades. Lined with beaches, iconic architecture, the most trendy people eating at the best cafes anywhere in the world, how can a photographer even fail in such a place like LA? Well, it’s possible. And that’s why we’re bringing you these Instagram tips from LA’s best.
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@THISMINTYMOMENT | followers: 103k. A graphic designer with a passion for architecture, Minh T’s goal is to capture the more hidden beauties that LA has to offer. He prefers to shoot such buildings as courthouses, banks, offices from the 60’s, instead of your typical “touristy” spots. Some of his best shots are of the Griffith Observatory, the Urban Light at the LACMA, and the stellar Paul Smith pink wall. An Instagram Tip: “When taking a photo of a building, don’t try to fit the thing into one image. Focus on edges, connections, lighting and materiality. This will allow your audience to absorb the architecture as they would in real life – through smaller vignettes that collectively explain the whole experience.”
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@RICK_POON | followers: 94k. LA’s food scene is an embarrassment of riches. In fact, choosing where to eat is overwhelming for some. Not for freelance photog Rick Poon however, he knows all the hot spots where to eat, and shoot. “The crazy mix of cultures and people that define the city” means that there’s always somewhere new to explore, says Rick.” From foie gras on funnel cake to butter and salt doughnuts, his shots are so tasty, you’ll be tempted to bit your screen. An Instagram Tip: “Try to photograph things you love, instead of chasing what others are doing. Finding your own voice is what will set you apart.”
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@MORGANMAASSEN | followers: 249k. If you’re looking for a feed to take your breath away more than any body of water ever could, then Morgan Maassen’s is the one to follow. From underwater shots of the coral reef, aerial views of Barbados beaches, and gorgeous women on surfboards – Morgan’s Instagram page is a surf lovers delight. An Instagram Tip: “Use Instagram as a tool to interact with your subjects, fans, and clients. There is nothing separating you from them but a private message or a comment.”
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@MRORLANDOSORIA | followers: 84k. Owner of the by–the–hour home design shop Homepolish, Orlando Soria knows a little more than most about interiors. When he’s not with clients, he’s out shooting some of LA’s more stunning buildings, like Hearst Castle. “It feels like a place where people can still afford to be creatives – it’s a city that’s having an art moment,” Soria says of LA. But believe it or not, his favorite place to shoot is his own home, as it’s always being updated and re-defined with gems he finds at local fly markets. An Instagram Tip: “People tend to respond to images that are bright and luminous, so usually photos that are taken during the daytime are much more popular.”
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@WITHHEARTS | followers: 672k. Although he’s based in LA, Cory Staudacher’s feed is full of unbelievably beautiful images of snow-capped mountains, forests, and ice-blue lakes from all over the world. After all, he’s all about travel, so of course, it’s not just about Los Angeles for him. Although, while he says of the city in which he lives “[there’s a] refreshing excitement in the air”, he wants everyone to know that, “taking a drive through the Angeles National Forest at sunset for a view unlike any other.” An Instagram Tip: “Post a consistent style to your Instagram feed. People love to know what to expect from what you post.”
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@ZOEYGROSSMAN | followers: 72k. Zoey Grossman is LA’s most followed fashion photographer. She’s worked for such major brands as Vans, Citizen of Humanity, and Billabong. While her studio shots are truly a work of art, her street style shots earned have her the nickname “The Sartorialista” – after the mega popular Internet sensation, The Sartorialist. An Instagram Tip: “The best tip I can offer is from a quote that goes, ‘It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.’ That’s what makes any photo great.”
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