Best Stock Market Apps

If you are a stock broker you must be at the top of your game with the financial trends. You need to know when to throw in the bait and when to roll the dice. Your success and failure balances on a string and only a witty person will succeed in the tough market. To be sure you make the right decisions you need to have a daily updated analysis of the market. You need to get the trends and know what to expect.

There is no better way of doing that than the use of stock market apps. Did you know that there are many smartphone apps that can help in all the daily stock market analysis? Well now you know. I Checked out some of the best stock market apps that may be of help to you and found this three.

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This is a free android app designed specifically for the stock markets analysis. The app makes it easy for you to track your stock investment by providing organized stock market information. With this app, you will never make the wrong move. The good news is that it is also available for PC.


This is the ultimate app for stock brokers. The iOS app will bring you real time stock alerts .You are able to access free streaming ,live quotes, pre market and after market quotes, and even portfolio monitoring. The app can also advance full screen charts and feed you with any necessary business news.


This is a powerful stock analysis app specifically designed for the iPad. The app gives you the necessary information hence helping you judge the market in the most appropriate manner. Guru has over 6700 stocks from the major stock brokers in the Us and even over the counter stocks. If you want to gain that stock market success it is high time you started using one of this great apps. Plus they are all for free.