10 Best Money Saving Hacks

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Some people spend as if money grows on trees. But what the rich know is that it’s not so much about how much you make, but how much you save. Often the richest people are some of the stingiest. Now we’re not saying you should be so cheap others start talking behind your back. But here are some money saving hacks that’ll definitely make you richer.
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Use cash

There’s something about using credit for everything that makes you think you have a limitless supply of money. If you really want to save, switch to using just cash. With cash, you get a very clear view of the bottom, which will make you spend less.
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Small weekly transfers

If you do anything here, do this: go to your bank and have them automatically deduct $20, $40, $60 and up from your pay check. Keep the figure manageable, but you’ll be amazed at how much you save over the course of a year.
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Stay home

Go out all the time, and you’ll be spending money all the time. It’s far too tempting to buy food, products, even big ticket items you know shouldn’t be getting. Find a way to stay away by enjoying yourself at home more.
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Are you getting those email announcements telling you about a big sale or new inventory of your favorite products? Do yourself, and your bank account a favor – unsubscribe from them. They’re coming at you for a reason, and that’s to get your hard earned money.
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Cook at home

It’s so easy to triple, even quadruple your monthly food budget by eating out. When you cook at home, you not only save because it’s cheaper to make your own meals, but you also save on tips, gas to get to the restaurants, parking – along with a whole bunch of other little costs that come with dinning out all the time. Also, cooking for yourself is always healthier.
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This one’s super simple, yet super hard. The more you increase your exercise, the more you decrease your chance of ending up in the hospital, having to pay huge medical bills. When it comes to your wealth, the key is your health.
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Use the envelope system

This is like using cash for your spending, with an additional element. Calculate your budget for the week, and stick that amount – in cash – in an envelope. This is the best training to stay within your budget, and not go over it.
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Pay savings / debt first

Ever heard the expression, “Pay yourself first”? If not, then this is how it goes. Before you pay anyone else; like your mortgage, the good people over at your electrical company or cable service provider – pay your debt and into your savings first. If you put yourself first, when it comes to money, you’ll always come out on top.
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